ADMMI Logistics
at the heart of every business

At the heart of ADMMI Group’s operations is the Logistics Division, whose primary functions are warehousing, physical distribution and supply chain management. ADMMI Logistics provides essential support to our own Business divisions, especially ADMMI Consumer and GMP Beverages.

The division also plays a pivotal role in contributing directly to the corporate bottom line by providing storage, distribution and consultancy services to third party customers.



ADMMI Logistics main distribution facility is at KIZAD, Abu Dhabi which provides 10,000 sq m of covered storage.

Warehouse management and inventory control is fully computerized, enabling quick access to goods and ensuring maximum throughput. This competitive advantage provides added value to both principals and customers. It is also the basis upon which third party customers franchise their distribution services to ADMMI Logistics.

On the distribution side, the division boasts a large modern fleet of vehicles, compromising of refrigerated, chilled and dry carriers, ranging in capacity from small delivery vans to articulated container trucks. Many of the vehicles are equipped with tail lifts and roll cages to promote efficiency and employee safety.

Through intelligent storage and distribution, ADMMI Logistics delivers the benefits of stock consolidation, improved stock availability, a comfortable working capital position and economies of scale to our customer. ADMMI Logistics also provides Logistics Consultancy Services to optimize these benefits to third party clients.